The dilemma facing humanity is what to do with pesky mosquitoes now that genetic technology such as CRISPR may be able to wipe out the Anopheles mosquito (which bears malaria and kills hundreds of thousands worldwide annually).  What do we do?  Eliminate this mosquito to save millions of human lives while possibly upsetting environmental balance?  Some animals depend on the mosquito for food.  What is the correct choice?

Link:  Gene editing/CRISPR by Darrell Barnes

Here is a mini-documentary of corrective measures I have personally taken on behalf and on the side of nature in a plant-world dilemma:  ajuga for erosion control.  The story follows in the video below.

Video link:  My own remediation story

Ajuga intercept video 2.0, March 13, 2019

Other local Mississippi invasives:  Giant Salvinia in reservoirs

MDWFP Finds Invasive Plant at Ross Barnett Reservoir