Highlighting promotes literacy.  The more we read, the more we understand.  When we don’t understand a word, we make a note of it and learn the definition.  Through highlighting, we have more time for exploration and deep learning.  Highlighting buys us time to access more resources for learning in the time we have together.  We do not spend our time together frantically taking notes.  Highlighting allows us to cover voluminous amounts of information in a short time.  This is especially true with majors-level classes.

Highlighting gets us into the textbook.  Almost every major textbook for the disciplines I teach in science is of excellent quality.  Full of knowledge.  We look at pictures, illustrations and tables to gain more understanding of the text.  If we just receive a list of things to study, we miss the resource of the textbook.  We have paid well for these textbooks, let us use them.

We highlight to save time from note-taking in class.  I expect you to go home and rewrite the items we highlight (or at times, the write-ins)..  From the book, you gather the information into your brain through vision.   The input of what you have learned into your keyboard is through tactile, kinesthetic, touch sense.  We attempt to access as many features of the human experience as possible.

Please print out your study guide and place it where you sit down.  Review your homemade study guide out loud, thus recruiting your sense of hearing.  When you run into something you don’t understand, keep reading to gain context or look it up!  Get bossy with your education!

Often times, I understand more effectively when someone else explains it in a video context where I can rewind and listen again until I “get it.”  Repetition is key.    I have listened to some videos so much, that I can predict the next thing coming out of the mouth of the speaker.  The knowledge has been programmed.

When you learn something new, share it with your friends and family!

Darrell Barnes teaching 2-16-2018
A+ 100!